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Blackpool - 26 April 2013
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Blackpool 26/04/13
Our journey was very smooth, well, that is if you discount the fact the airline contacted Julia two weeks before our departure to say they sadly had to cancel her direct flight to Manchester but would put her on a stop over one instead. Luckily the stop was Dusseldorf where Kerstin starts from, so the bunnies ended up beginning the tour together much sooner than anticipated. It just meant that Julia was packing till 2:30am (yes, I am this kind of person) and had to get up at 6am the next day to catch the early flight to Dusseldorf. But everything else was text book travel. We met up with Helge and Petra at the airport in Manchester, collected our car and team Germany was on the road to Blackpool.

British spring meant we left home at 15° and sunshine to arrive in 8° and imminent threat of rain in the UK. Ah well, it wouldn’t be the complete fan experience without standing at a windy, cold and wet driveway of one venue or other. And no one makes us do it. Normal people would have had a nice hot drink somewhere inside. Not us though. Naturally when the time had arrived and the tour bus turned into the street the heavens opened properly and a light shower became a grown-up downpour quickly. No lingering for the Ball then but it was lovely seeing him up close again after our last Sweeney which seems a lifetime away somehow. We also managed to say hello to the ever delightful Mr Hansel.

As we are in the process of re-packing our bags for a hasty departure towards Birmingham (and believe us, this is not an easy task considering we seem to brought our entire wardrobe with us – and yet cannot find something to wear…the age old women dilemma) we will not go into too much detail about the show but hope to do this in one of the later blogs when we are not quite so much in a hurry. Suffice to say that we loved the look of the show (and man, both men actually, Adrian Hansel looking his usual stunning self as well) and the sound of the band with small added string section. Loved the Lady Gaga opening and the smooth sound of the Both Sides Now half. Particular highlights for us certainly were Songbird, Love and Affection and the sensational Run. That he had to re-start When She Loves Me due to a slight timing issue did not diminish the humble beauty of the song at all and Blackpool crowds loved every minute of it (we actually thought them a bit quiet at the beginning –completely out of character, as we are used to unbridled ecstasy the minute the Ball comes onto the stage here in the north. But this might have been only in our corner of the stalls. But the more the show progressed the livelier the audience around us became). Second half with utterly stunning visuals and very clever staging. Highlights from the musicals delivered almost in medley style. We loved that Mr Todd now sings Cats (meaning we REALLY enjoyed this newly discovered low register of Michael’s). Anthem being a showstopper of course but Being Alive is equally breathtaking. Loved the guest singers, all three having wonderful voices (Close Every Door a highlight for ears and eyes) but wish he would do Phantom of the Opera instead of All I ask of you as a duet as while the latter is beautiful of course the former s so wonderfully dramatic. Partytime was a joy and how he deliveres Wonder of You without so much of a scratch in his voice after 2 hours of sininging the most difficult songs in the world we will never know but are very grateful for indeed. What a night! Off to the next…hooray!


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