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Thursday, 20 September 2012
21/09/12 @ 03:59:03 am, Categories: General, 329 words   English (UK)

Gosh, it is Friday already….why does time fly in the UK and drag on at home? So, yesterday. The stage door was lovely, the Ball looking good. He was walking down the street and sounded fine. After his tweet about an oncoming cold we hope it will not give him too much trouble. He deserves to be able to enjoy these last few shows!

Side remark: In the early afternoon Michael was spotted having a photo session placed on a lifting ramp not far from the Adelphi. Will be interesting to see, if we will get to see the pictures at one point.

We spotted Tony Christie in the audience and Michael’s dad was there as well. The air condition has been turned down a bit, so it wasn’t too cold anymore. Everyone was of course chatting about these concerts in Cork and starting to get organised should they really go ahead. As getting there from Germany is rather complicated we fear we will not be able to go. 

Everything went smoothly apart from the belt of the judge’s dressing gown misbehaving (he couldn’t close it after his mea culpa scene) which he did handle very well indeed and even made it add to the sleaziness of the judge’s advances to his ward.

Ecstatic audience reaction at the curtain call. Just as it should be. They all seemed really touched.

As is usual now he had guests in afterwards and we had the opportunity to admire the posh evening attire of the cast when they left for their end-of-run party. Michael was very patient with the crowd and had changed from the t-shirt of the afternoon into a dark grey suit, with matching grey shirt and grey tie with white dots. Mmmmmh nice.

Some sightseeing for us now and a spot of shopping, then back to the stage door (fingers crossed that the rain will really only come tonight) and the final one-show-day….


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