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Sweeney Todd - 16 October 2011
10/16/11 @ 03:42:14 am, Categories: General, 482 words   English (US)

What a magnificent end to a perfect week! These two performances had the most eager audiences and both Imelda and Michael seemed really touched during their standing ovation which was accompanied by howls of delight from a wild crowd.

No one scares you finer than these two. An absolute delight to watch and listen. We certainly have not heard his voice being that versatile before…amazing highs and lows, one note held so long that you wondered whether he actually needs to breathe at all…we were in fan heaven.

We can only say that 10 times was definitely not enough and we cannot wait to be back in Fleet Street in 3 weeks for the final two shows. Fingers crossed that they had the go to transfer by then. The thought of never seeing Mr Todd again would indeed be unbearable – and who would have thought that at the beginning of our little journey? But since it is not absolutely certain that it will transfer (also a question of getting the right theatre and two VERY busy schedules synchronized) we can only urge you to come and see it. I would say words fail us to describe the utter triumph which is this production but we have been pretty wordy already, haven’t we?

It’s just that we will miss our favoroutie scenes so much: Epiphany of course, because it is just that. Worst pies in London, Have a little Priest (which got funnier every time we saw it, we think Mr Ball enjoys to get a few laughs himself now - the audience was in hysterics)and By the Sea - or as we lovingly call it “at home with the serial killers". Honestly, he is sitting in a comfy chair with a pussy cat cover! And that snog (intrigued now?) is just too wonderful for words.

But we will stop gushing - for now.

They now do merchandise for the show (t-shirts, hoodies and poster) but most stuff seemed to have sold out on the day. Stage door before was incredibly busy (we counted some 50 people) and afterwards but he was really generous with his time.

Afterwards we had a lovely after-show time with friends and half the cast (well, they were in the same room, naturally we did not stare, approach or anything). It was amazing though because at one point they sang Happy Birthday for one of their ranks and truly, we have NEVER heard that song sound like this. Just incredible! We wanted a CD of it!!

So now the bags are packed and we have to face the grim reality of flights, traffic jams and work (could we get one of those razors, please?). But the countdown is running. Soon we will back at the barber’s and tell you all about it.

For us Mr Todd is definitely not evil but merely morally challanged. Go Sweeney!


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