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Sweeney Todd - 11 October 2011
10/12/11 @ 04:42:53 am, Categories: General, 317 words   English (US)

We spent most of the day with a spot of sight-seeing and visited picturesque Arundel. We have passed the castle countless times in various tours. So it was about time. We were not disappointed, so go, if you can.

We sadly missed him go in, because they had a cover run, meaning that all the understudies get to “perform a matinee” without an actual audience. We had a lovely chat with Lucy May Barker (Johanna), what a sweet and lovely girl.

The Show:
What can we say? It gets better every time we see it. We are definitely in team Sweeney and have everything crossed for a transfer into the West End. Rumour has it that Stephen Sondheim will be in on Friday and if he gives his thumbs up the road to London should be pretty clear.

The audience was very keen, lots of laughter, lots of gasps, shocked murmuring and mostly in the right places. It escapes us completely however, why audiences insist on laughing when Mrs. Lovett finds her grizzly end. We can’t find a spot of humour in it.

There was a minor glitch that night as in one of Sweeney’s victims wouldn’t slide down through the chute to the bake house, but was stuck in the middle for a short time. It did work eventually though. Another rousing reception at the end.

What we have experienced ourselves and had in conversations with others is, that you should see the show more than once. You need a few viewings to get over the shock of it all. After four performances we are now thoroughly enjoying every second of it and are definitely in team Sweeney. We never thought we’d enjoy this so much, but really looking forward to every performance and we already wish we could stay longer.

So book this extra ticket and join team Sweeney in Chichester.


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