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A Snowy Good bye Dublin
11/27/10 @ 06:52:37 pm, Categories: General, 745 words   English (US)

Our last day in Dublin and guess what? We were “snowed in” in the middle of the night. At least it was enough to create little adventures on the way to the theatre. Plus useless fact of the day: Within ten years of traveling England, Scotland, Wales and now Ireland it’s the first time we ever got snow here.

On the way to the stage door Kerstin had to realize here shoes were not really up for the snowy conditions. By the time we got to the stage door, they were wet through and through. Did that stop us? Certainly not!

We waited patiently, which was made so much more enjoyable bye an unprecedented act of kindness. The time went by quickly(thanks Philip). And then there he was: Michael in all his glory and happy to be going back home. We do the same, but we are certainly not as happy.

Great news of the day: Sunday Brunch will be back next year and there will be plenty to be had of it. YAY. He is very pleased with the album. We chatted for a short while and were alone with him for another time. Not that we complain.

As it was rather “warm”-ish (compared to the last two days) we took our chance and asked for a belated birthday photo and of course he obliged.

Tracy was back, but we had some other changes. The original Penny was gone and Lauren Stroud, who usually plays Brenda stood in for her and we had another Tammy. Everything was fine, even for Velma, until she and Amber are freed from the Baltimore Women’s House of Detention and she would usually inform Tracy and gang that she has a “National Television Spectacular” to produce. Well , let’s say in this version she had a “National Protection”. You could see the blank faces in the audience around us. For us it was good fun. Apart from that everything went swimmingly and once more there was an ecstatic crowd in the end, cheers, standing ovation and roaring applause.

In between shows even in all this cold Michael came out between shows, signed stuff and posed for photos. We finally got to say hello to Steve and Emma (apologies, if some sentences don’t make too much sense, we are a bit distracted by watching the snow flurry from our hotel window). Anyways, it was lovely just standing and watching the Ball do his bit and the fans do theirs.

You know you have seen too many shows, when the ushers or in this case usherettes greet you with enthusiastic “you have been here the night before!” and then even says personal good byes at the stage door.

Nothing went wrong, all in all we had a smooth evening performance and Michael was on top form. The audience was amazing and “Timeless to me” was once again the highlight of the show. They even did some real ad-libbing here. What amazes us each time we see this scene is, although none of it really is improvised Michael and his Wilburs always manage to make it feel spontaneous and fresh (oh dear! The flakes get bigger and bigger! Our taxi for the airport leaves at five am. Streets are all white! This does not bode well, wow! But it looks really pretty). The audience really gave the show and the cast a proper send off. We know we are repeating ourselves, but we were so impressed with the reception, that we even looked up when the first tour date is. Sadly it’s a Tuesday, 24 May, so we cannot make it!

Okay, getting back to the show or rather already stage door it was once again incredibly cold and windy, mind you: no snowing at the point. Sorry, we are weather obsessed at the moment. Even though there were quite a few people there, Michael made sure he posed for everyone and signed everything before he left. We wished each other a happy Christmas and a safe journey home. And there we were. Another Hairspray trip over. And one of the best birthdays ever for Kerstin, thanks to Julia, without whose persistence we would not have been here this week.

We have taken some photos today, which we will post tomorrow, when we are back home.

LOL, dear me, the weather here really does not bode well for our flights tomorrow. Fingers crossed however. Wish us luck.


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