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Michael's Back
01/12/08 @ 05:28:33 pm, Categories: General, 157 words   English (US)

We are just back at the hotel and what can we say?

He did not cancel the performance and even though we knew he was suffering and feeling really, really bad you could not tell. He was as flamboyant as ever! As we expected though he left through another entrance, because he was feeling so bad. Andrew and Tony (his dad) told us all how very sorry he was and we know they are right!

But hey, no grudge, we had a wonderful stage door nevertheless.

We met wonderful fans and all the cast were so great and Andrew is such a sweetheart. We will have to change our “Who’s’Who"-page for him actually ;D

The show was wonderful as ever. Everyone in great form. The audience loving it. Well Hairspray, what can you say, is just what it is. Wonderful.

Back home tomorrow, big sigh. Michael, thank you for a lovely week and get well soon!

Stage Door Worries
01/12/08 @ 12:36:21 pm, Categories: General, 313 words   English (US)

Yesterday we were put through a stage door rollercoaster ride. We waited merrily for him at 4 pm..nothing…at 5…still nothing…at 6…nothing at all. Hum would we have the time to get back to the hotel and get changed?? 6:30: nope, definitely not. Still no sign of him. We went though all emotions known to humankind and ended up worried wrecks, imagining all sorts of things that had happened on his way to the theatre (latest reporting time apparently is 6:30…but he hadn’t called in sick. Someone went inside and asked.) At 6:47 he ran around the corner behind us. He stopped briefly and grinned: “I had you all worried now, hadn’t I?” INDEED! Turned out he had been to see Jonathan Pryce.

Now today was a very VERY busy stage door but when we finally afrrived (we went to the stage door already in our posh outfits, just in case!) he took his time and signed away happily.

Now we are back at the hotel from the matinee performance to change (again) but are even more worried then we were yesterday for today, he didn’t come out between shows. Andrew announced he wouldn’t (no one believed him for quite a while). We knew he had a bad, bad back. He told us so when he left the night before. So unsurprisingly this got worse and worse…now we are wishing and hoping he gets a lot better..and soon. Performance starts in less than one hour. It might be that we will leave the theatre unseen, we have been warned about that (which we think is very considerate as it’s freezing outside!!)…

So there you are. The latest from Hairspray…oh and Little Inez had to leave the matinee after the first act. Less and less dancers on the stage with half of them busy understudy-ing.

Talk to you after the show hopefully!

Leanne and Elinor still off
01/10/08 @ 06:31:44 pm, Categories: General, 202 words   English (US)

Another lovely stage door experience….. Well, if you enjoy windy (going on stormy) and wet. But, hey we are in London, we see Michael and we know it’s a privilege. Plus we had wonderful time (hi Angela) and even more lovely company (you know who you are ;D).

When Michael arrived he happily signed everything people wanted him to sign and posed for a photo for the website, which will be added once we are back…. we just don’t have the time at the moment, sorry. He seemed happy and well and as usual seeing him increased the anticipation of seeing the show. We still had all the understudies and even one more as Adam Price (Walking Cover Male Authority Figure, MAF) was off as well as the original MAF. Leanne was missing as well.

Despite all that it was a wonderful matinee with a mixed audience reaction. Not as good as yesterday’s, but still better than Tuesday’s.

Afterwards we saw Michael coming out signing things although it was raining quite a bit. What a sweetheart.

Sadly we did not see the evening performance as we did some research and saw Phantom of the Opera instead.

Off to bed now, talk tomorrow

Two Tracies
01/09/08 @ 06:56:57 pm, Categories: Shows, 244 words   English (US)

Tonight we wanted to make sure, we will be early, not to be in danger off missing parts of the show (which nearly happened the night before). Well ten minutes before curtain up, certainly is earlier (than 2 minutes late).

What we did not mention yesterday: Johnnie Fiori was off (no idea, if she is on holidays) and her understudy Sandra Marvin was on. Dermott Canavan (Male Authority Figure) was off as well. Michael told us, he was hit just before Monday Night’ show by a nasty stomach flu (Giving us more details than we wished for). His understudy was Adam Price and he did a great job. For the first time we understood everything he (The Male Authority Figure) said.

This was the same tonight plus Elinor Collett (Penny Pingleton) was off, sigh. Get well soon Elinor, we missed you.

And then minutes before the second half started there was an announcement made that Leanne (Tracy) was unable to continue her performance and Charlotte Riby would take over. She did a fantastic job, especially as she had no advance warning. We could hear Michael saying “well done!” to her at the curtain call. We hope Leanne will feel better tomorrow.

What has to be said is, that Sandra does a marvelous job as Motormouth Maybelle. The audience was much better than yesterday and there was quite a crowd when Michael left.

Looking forward to tomorrows matinee and Phantom in the evening.

Julia and Kerstin

Quick Update
01/09/08 @ 12:19:14 pm, Categories: General, 241 words   English (US)

So far our plan with keeping you very updated went well, did not it? Sorry about that, but here we are now. If only quickly as we have to get changed and back to the theatre.

Yesterday’s stage door was a long wait for a quick hello. Mind you, we were in great company, so the waiting did not matter too much. When he finally arrived, he looked fantastic: tanned, relaxed, wearing a leather jacket. He talked shortly about his holiday, asked about everybody’s christmases, but was basically in rather quickly as he was a bit late.

The show was fab as usual. We sat in the Grand Circle, front row. Fab view, minus the railing. Everything went well apart from Mel Smith forgetting his entrance and poor Leanne had to walk the aisle without “her father". He came on a bit later and we could see the crying Edna chuckle even from where we were sitting.

It has to be said: the cast really does give everything for this show. We will explain that in the proper review.

Today we had barely arrived at the stage door, when he did the same. Took us completely by surprise. But it was lovely, although we forgot to give him all the pressies we had brought as we were completely shell shocked.

Off now to see the show and with some luck, we will tell you all about it tonight :-).

Julia and Kerstin

Welcome to our Trip Blog
01/08/08 @ 02:19:20 am, Categories: General, 114 words   English (US)

During our last trips it proved to be extremely difficult to keep you updated, even if we had a nice lovely internet connection in our hotel. :roll: It’s just very time consuming to open up a new page for each little snippet of travel tales we want to share.

Therefore we decided to try something new. We opened up this nice little Blog and we hope to keep really up-to-date with it. Don’t worry. We will still do proper reviews (if just for us ;)).

So all you have to do is: Check our blog every now and then. We might even update it more than once each day. Lots of love.
Kerstin and Julia


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