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Bristol - 29 April 2011 - The Royal Wedding

We arrived in London on Thursday evening, got our car and decided to take a quick peek at the decorations in the city before heading west for Bristol. Much easier said than done. It took us ages to get near Picadilly and even more ages to find a parking space. All the usual ones were blocked or off limits due to the wedding.

Even though it was almost midnight the city was teaming with people and we marvelled at the variety of items you can print the Royal Couple on. To cut a long story short: We arrived at our hotel at almost 3am, but it was lovely to see London again after all that time. Well worth it.

Royal Wedding Day

We have to confess to an unprecedented decadence: Not only do we stay at a really nice hotel, but we also ordered breakfast via room service to be served at 10am. So we woke up, switched on the telly for the wedding coverage and had our full English Breakfast in bed, fab!

we have to say we loved every minute of it, watched the entire ceremony, the highlights and the drive back to Clarence House. Fairytale stuff. What a beautiful princess. You Brits really know how to stage such an event.

Afterwards we walked across the street to the theatre and found our final Hairspray Stage Door (location). We had a lovely time chatting to everyone and were surprised that the stage door crowd was not as big as we anticipated.

Michael arrived a quarter to six. He walked down to us all, chatted about the wedding, said a few naughty things about certain outfits, posed for photos, gave autographs and told us he did not know how he’d feel on Saturday. He suspects tears, so do we.

The Show:

It was great to be back in Baltimore in 1962. We have to say though that it has not sunk in yet that this was antepenaltimate (no we did not google that, promise ;)) show. We have been with Hairspray so long … but let’s save the melancholy for tomorrow. Everyone knew The Wedding would play a role tonight and it did. When Edna first appears on stage, ironing, it was a William and Catherine tea towel. Also when Tracy first appears on the Corny Collins Show and Penny tells Mr. and Mrs. Turnblad to “come see what’s on TV” Edna exclaimed: “Is it highlights from the Royal Wedding?". And finally: during “You Can’t Stop The Beat” Edna wore two little Union Jack in her hair.

Apart from that we had a different Fender and a great time. The audience was wonderful and Michael’s dad was in attendance. When we got to the stage door after the show they had put up barriers, but only two and they were made from plastic. He took a while to come out, but then happily chatted, signed and posed as usual. He has lost weight abd looks mighty fine (see photos as evidence).

He told a fan that poor Freddie (one of his dogs) would have to stay at the vets for at least another ten days and how Ollie is pining for him. He also told us to be prepared for a bit of fun in the matinee.

Incredible. This has been our 66th Hairspray performance and we still enjoyed it ever so much. We will miss Edna terribly. On the one hand we know the matinee will be hilarious, there is his tour to look forward to and Sweeney Todd, but ont he other hand we dread Saturday evening, when we will hear “Welcome to the 60s” for the final time.

Here’s to the last two…..


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