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A Snowy Good bye Dublin
11/27/10 @ 06:52:37 pm, Categories: General, 745 words   English (US)

Our last day in Dublin and guess what? We were “snowed in” in the middle of the night. At least it was enough to create little adventures on the way to the theatre. Plus useless fact of the day: Within ten years of traveling England, Scotland, Wales and now Ireland it’s the first time we ever got snow here.

On the way to the stage door Kerstin had to realize here shoes were not really up for the snowy conditions. By the time we got to the stage door, they were wet through and through. Did that stop us? Certainly not!

We waited patiently, which was made so much more enjoyable bye an unprecedented act of kindness. The time went by quickly(thanks Philip). And then there he was: Michael in all his glory and happy to be going back home. We do the same, but we are certainly not as happy.

Great news of the day: Sunday Brunch will be back next year and there will be plenty to be had of it. YAY. He is very pleased with the album. We chatted for a short while and were alone with him for another time. Not that we complain.

As it was rather “warm”-ish (compared to the last two days) we took our chance and asked for a belated birthday photo and of course he obliged.

Tracy was back, but we had some other changes. The original Penny was gone and Lauren Stroud, who usually plays Brenda stood in for her and we had another Tammy. Everything was fine, even for Velma, until she and Amber are freed from the Baltimore Women’s House of Detention and she would usually inform Tracy and gang that she has a “National Television Spectacular” to produce. Well , let’s say in this version she had a “National Protection”. You could see the blank faces in the audience around us. For us it was good fun. Apart from that everything went swimmingly and once more there was an ecstatic crowd in the end, cheers, standing ovation and roaring applause.

In between shows even in all this cold Michael came out between shows, signed stuff and posed for photos. We finally got to say hello to Steve and Emma (apologies, if some sentences don’t make too much sense, we are a bit distracted by watching the snow flurry from our hotel window). Anyways, it was lovely just standing and watching the Ball do his bit and the fans do theirs.

You know you have seen too many shows, when the ushers or in this case usherettes greet you with enthusiastic “you have been here the night before!” and then even says personal good byes at the stage door.

Nothing went wrong, all in all we had a smooth evening performance and Michael was on top form. The audience was amazing and “Timeless to me” was once again the highlight of the show. They even did some real ad-libbing here. What amazes us each time we see this scene is, although none of it really is improvised Michael and his Wilburs always manage to make it feel spontaneous and fresh (oh dear! The flakes get bigger and bigger! Our taxi for the airport leaves at five am. Streets are all white! This does not bode well, wow! But it looks really pretty). The audience really gave the show and the cast a proper send off. We know we are repeating ourselves, but we were so impressed with the reception, that we even looked up when the first tour date is. Sadly it’s a Tuesday, 24 May, so we cannot make it!

Okay, getting back to the show or rather already stage door it was once again incredibly cold and windy, mind you: no snowing at the point. Sorry, we are weather obsessed at the moment. Even though there were quite a few people there, Michael made sure he posed for everyone and signed everything before he left. We wished each other a happy Christmas and a safe journey home. And there we were. Another Hairspray trip over. And one of the best birthdays ever for Kerstin, thanks to Julia, without whose persistence we would not have been here this week.

We have taken some photos today, which we will post tomorrow, when we are back home.

LOL, dear me, the weather here really does not bode well for our flights tomorrow. Fingers crossed however. Wish us luck.

Friday, 26 November 2 – The Show
11/26/10 @ 07:08:09 pm, Categories: General, 311 words   English (US)

Imagine our surprise when the curtain went up and we had another Tracy. It must be very hard to be understudy for a main character, but we have to say that Dina Tree did really well. No one who has not seen the show before will have noticed the difference.

This time there were no sound problems, but a lot of Hairspray cans which misbehaved. Also Velma lost one of her shoes during “Miss Baltimore Crabs”. She put it back on very elegantly after holding it in one hand for quite a while. Apart from that everything went smoothly.

We were amazed by the incredible audience reaction. All around us people almost collapsed with laughter. The final applause was like nothing we have heard before. The place went completely wild. It’s no wonder Michael loves the Irish audiences.

Afterwards there was quite a crowd and so many people were taking photos, that we thought: What the heck. So yes we did it. A few photos to show you what the Ball looks like at the moment (nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice!). It was freezing cold. It actually seems to get worse every night. Wind chill is minus 7. You know it’s winter when you pray for a stage door to be over quickly. An explicit Thank You for Michael on behalf of everyone there for taking his time despite the icy wind. How he manages to smile on all these photos when it’s so desperately cold is quite a minor miracle. We were very busy not shaking so much that we drop the camera equipment. But you know what? It’s still worth it.

We would probably stand there and do what we do even if there was an arctic blizzard going on, because we are like that. Maybe we will find out tomorrow as they predicted snow. We will keep you posted.

11/26/10 @ 12:35:24 pm, Categories: General, 924 words   English (US)

Dublin – November 2010

Sorry about the prolonged silence. We were off the internet for a few nights. But anyways, here we are again.

We arrived in Dublin on Wednesday night (well, parts of us, the flights were some 5 hours apart). Got a taxi and drove straight to the theatre of course. Stage door was really busy and there were quite a few groups of hysteric youngsters. We just said a quick hello to the man and stood and watched otherwise. Sorry, no picture material as all equipment was stored away in our bags. It was a lovely surprise to meet Pam, Joan and Nadine there. They also were so kind to show us the way to our hotel as they stayed in the same one. Unfortunately this was their last night so we have been on our own since then.

We have a lovely hotel and river view. Just ten minutes walk (or 15, it all depends on the footwear). But it’s freezing cold here. First thing we did the next morning was buying gloves for Bunny J. We also saw the new Harry Potter and urge everyone to go see it. It’s the best so far, epic and really sad. We actually saw it twice already (have to make the most of the original version as we get only dubbed movies in Germany and the voices are horrible).

Thursday was Kerstin’s birthday (won’t tell you which). So there were pressies at midnight, Harry in the morning, some sightseeing in the afternoon and stage door + show in the evening. Talk about the perfect birthday. The sun was out (nevertheless freezing cold, the occasional snow flake made its appearance) and the Christmas decorations are up in the streets.

We were all alone at the stage door (almost frozen to the spot as it’s another wind channel). We walked up the street with Andrew and was on his way to grab some food. We handed over some pressies asked about the TV show (he is not sure whether he will have time to film it) and then let him go get something to eat. Oh and there were birthday hugs and kisses and it was all lovely (sorry, couldn’t resist to add this, meant to keep this report gushing-free). No photos as it is always weird to get the equipment out when you are alone with him. Also eventhough the stage door is lit (and there is a roof!Yay) it is too dark for photos and you’d need to use flash and this is something we try to avoid.

The show:
First of all the theatre is huge and brand new and gorgeous….all red inside and a very nice piazza at the front. We had tickets for row C which turned out to be the front row!! What a pleasant (birthday) surprise. It was great to see the show up close again. We have to say that it has evolved a lot. Everyone seems settled in their characters and they actually are playing around with them a bit, adding a few more gestures here and there which make it much more alive. Before it always felt a bit clinical, if you know what we mean. Too true to the book. Penny really stood out, made us laugh and laugh. Velma’s microphone died during Miss Baltimore Crabs. Luckily we were close enough to hear her lines anyways. They acted quickly and very elegantly smuggled a hand microphone on stage. She was all pro about it and made it look like part of the number. The sound problem was fixed soon afterwards.

Edna and her new husband get along well. It was nice to have a Wilbur who is a singer and the audience (which really was as enthusiastic as Michael had promised at the stage door the night before) went completely wild during Timeless to me. Instead of what became the standard dialogue between them (“I can’t concentrate when you are jiggling behind me” and Wilbur says “You never complained before!”) there was a new line “That’s not what you said last night”. Well, let’s just say the lady next to us nearly choked from laughing.
As there is no direct link between the auditorium and the stage we were wondering if Mrs Pingleton would comment on the audience, as there were not people to chase up from their seats. She came on from the wings but still remarked how many people there were and that they looked a bit weird, then apologized for the comment and said the classic “this is what happens when you are sitting in the cheap seats”.

It goes without saying that there was a standing ovation at the end (started for Michael).

There were not too many people at the stage door afterwards. Some photos and signatures, the usual. More birthday congratulations (Kerstin shares her birthday with Liam, who is Link in the show).

Friday, 26 November

More Harry Potter and sightseeing for us. Glorious sunshine and a walk down Grafton Street.

Yet another lonely stage door, he arrived at 5 we talked Harry for a bit then he spotted two dogs inside the theatre (no, not his) and dashed inside to cuddle them. And that was that.

Now we are getting changed for the show and will report back afterwards. Still no birthday photo…maybe tomorrow (at least there will be daylight then as it’s a matinee day, but they said it will be snowing all day…eek!).

Talk soon!


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