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Elected? Arrested? What an evening!
07/25/10 @ 07:11:21 am, Categories: Shows, 599 words   English (US)

This got your attention, did not it? ;D

Much to our surprise our seats were not only in the front row of the stalls, but in the very centre. Wow, it felt like being back at the Shaftesbury.

It was great to be back where the action was. It is incredible what a big difference a change of perspective makes. We know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but for us there is nothing better than seeing the show up close and personal. Especially as a certain housewife was on a roll yesterday. Sometimes you just know that Michael has guests in the audience. It was a joy to watch. Edna on speed. Michael later confirmed our assumption saying that his parents had been in tonight.

Everything went swimmingly until we got to “Timeless To Me”. When Edna discusses with Wilbur that Hallmark does not do cards with names “for women who have abandoned their daughters who gotten themselves arrested for trying to integrate s sop hop type television show” (imagine having to say that sentence very very quickly without breathing and try it at home) something historical happened: Michael got it wrong. At some point mid-sentence it all became gobbledegook. The audience almost died laughing and once he had recovered a bit he started a second attempt. “What I wanted to say was: There are names for women who abandoned their daughters who gotten themselves elected….. Oh I can’t remember it!” It was hysterical. Wilbur replied “You can’t worry about people calling you names!” And Edna inserted “I certainly won’t now!” When usually she kept quiet until he finished his sentence. As you can imagine everyone went wild during the actual song. As Michael correctly says: the audience loves it when things go wrong. At the very end when Edna begs Wilbur to be strong, because he’s giggling behind her Michael added “It’s gone bad enough already” More laughter.

It was a magical night. And all around us we had people who had never seen the show before and were in complete awe. An older gentleman on the left of us kept repeating “Wonderful, fantastic” throughout the entire show. We still are a bit envious on those who can see it for the first time and feel so very privileged to have seen so many shows.

The stage door afterwards was manic. Actually so much so that Andrew policed the crowds and asked that those who already had their signature or photo would please move to the back so that others had the same chance. Michael was in high spirits and promised “I will do you all!”. Now that got a few cheers. A quite ambitious plan. Sadly though he stuck to giving autographs and posing for photos. Not the “doing” we all had in mind. We said our goodbyes and watched him disappear into the night. This was it. No more Hairspray until November.

On a personal note: we have survived the night in our “hotel”. Okay, so we had to move the pillows to the foot end and sleep the other way around, because the mattress was damaged and we did not dare use the shower and we don’t want to know the origin of all the hairs on the bed, but we live. Still we checked out rather early and arrived at the airport four hours before our flight departs, but well, it was our little adventure.

Our next blog will probably be about the recording of Michael’s TV show on September 9th. See you soon.

Last Day in Manchester
07/24/10 @ 12:46:42 pm, Categories: General, 209 words   English (US)

As we already moaned about we needed to change hotels in the morning. Let’s just say we are too old for youth hostel standards, but it will have to do for one night. At least there is free wifi in the reception area.

We have had two stage doors already:

the first one was a lot quieter than we thought. Especially Michael walked down a different street and so some groups of fans who had been waiting a bit further away only got there with a slight delay. But everyone got their photo in the end and he was all relaxed and smiley.

As we had not managed to get any tickets for today’s matinee we spent the time in the cinema instead. It’s great to be able to see the original versions of movies without German voices dubbing them.

Back at the theatre it got really a bit frantic at the “between shows” stage door. Very much a push and shove affair, but we loved this purple shirt.

So now all there is to do is getting ready for our final Hairspray in Manchester and lo and behold we will see it from row A of the stalls. This will be quite a shock after the upper circle..

Friday - DVD News
07/23/10 @ 06:39:37 pm, Categories: General, 328 words   English (US)

Shortly before we left home the fan club had sent out the information that this Friday there would be a camera team filming at the stage door for a new DVD release. This is why we got there early expecting a huge crowd. Imagine our surprise when even at five o’clock there were only about ten fans. The camera team consisted of two nice blokes who told us all kinds of niceties about Mr. Ball. They told us that they would be following him around a bit, filming also at the BBC (Sunday Brunch) and on one of his TV show dates. Michael himself has already been inside the theatre, but got out, talked to everyone and left for dinner. When he got back we had a nice, but rather quick stage door. We managed a few photos anyways.

The show:
Tonight we sat in the very front row of the Gallery. It was incredible how much closer we felt. What can we say? Show fab, audience fab, evening fab. The stage door afterwards was incredibly busy. After a few quiet days we are dreading tomorrow a bit.
What was funny though was that after saying good night to us all Michael and Andrew walked up half the street that leads to the pub only to stop midway and walk back towards us all (we had flashbacks of a similar situation at a Southampton stage door). While walking past he informed us all that he changed his mind and did not feel like going to the pub anymore. And off he went.

Tomorrow will be a long day for not only do we have to move hotels, but there are also two shows and our last Hairspray for quite a while (till the end of November). And the other hotel we won’t have internet in the room, but we will try our best to keep you updated throughout the day anyways.

Take care and talk soon.

No shoes, no shirt, no service
23/07/10 @ 03:53:11 am, Categories: General, 549 words   English (UK)

Thursday Matinee:

We had seats in row N of the Gallery and while this might sound not too bad it was actually the one but last row in the Upper Circle. The Manchester Opera House has a really high ceiling and after a steep climb we could almost touch it.

It was good to see Hairspray again and from the distance we could only tell that we had a different Brenda in the typical understudy dress. Most remarkable was the interval when the safety curtain suddenly sprang to life and they actually made it a commercial break showing fully fledged advertisements. We’ve never seen that before and felt like in the cinema.

The stage door between shows was not as crowded as we anticipated. He was wearing shorts and when someone remarked about him being very quick to de-make up he commented that he does not know what women make all the fuss about. He takes it off in one swipe.

We then grabbed some food and dashed to the hotel to edit the photos for you. All too soon we were hurrying back to the theatre as usual underestimating the time photo editing takes.

Evening show:

This time we sat in row H of the Gallery so that was a real improvement in a way had it not been for the group of small very active and very bored children in front of us. What was fantastic about both performances so far was the audience reception. That’s why we always do Manchester on a tour. There was clapping and wohooohing and standing ovations, just fab.

What was really funny was that poor Liam (Link) lost one of his shoes during “The nicest kids in town". Luckily he was wearing blue socks to his blue shoes and also he just carried on dancing and singing as if nothing happened. Even when he got his shoe thrown back at him from the wings and he had to hold it in his hand for a little while he performed as if the mega heartthrob was not holding a shoe in his left hand during his big number.

We have to admit that we still miss Les Dennis, but Michael and Nigel Planner had the audience in hysterics in both shows. Mind you the group of very cool teenagers who sat behind us almost died when Edna and Wilbur kissed. And then they kissed again….

All in all everyone seemed more at ease with their parts compared to four weeks ago, but the show we have seen was exactly the same. We still miss the little bits and pieces that the cast adds to the scenes. Just little things, no adlibbings or similar. At one point in Southampton for example Link has climbed the bars of Tracy’s cell in a bit to get in to her. We loved that, but it is gone again. This is probably because the strict producers want the show to remain exactly as it was, but we cannot know that for sure.

The stage door crowd was not too large and he was able to leave rather quickly for his drink with the rest of the cast.

We will get back to you with the latest from Manchester as soon as we can. Have a nice day.

Manchester - 22 July 2010
07/22/10 @ 07:49:42 am, Categories: Pre Stage Door, 180 words   English (US)

Yesterday evening - after a really long journey - we arrived in Manchester. Promptly got lost and ended up on the Ring Road no less (we should mention that we don’t have a car, so yes, we always end up being lost on the Ring Road).

Finally found the hotel and the stage door. It was a bit chilly considering that we left from 35 ° C and sunshine, but never mind.

Much to our surprise we met Fran and Audrey whom we thought we would miss by one day. What fun we had and girls we really hope you got home okay. Michael was one of the first to be out with the fans he was all smiles and it felt great to be back. The stage door is rather narrow and there is a scaffolding. It really feels like home.

Today no rain as yet even though the Metoffice gave a severe weather warning. There was a small crowd and when he arrived he took time for everyone. Enjoy the photos we have taken and talk to you after Hairspray.


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