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Southampton – 26 May 2010 Getting there!
05/26/10 @ 06:53:26 pm, Categories: General, 440 words   English (US)

We have had some travel adventures in the past, but never ever was there a natural disaster between us and the Ball. Can you imagine what it feels like to watch news on volcano ash and flight bans when you have front row tickets on your desk? Not good!
But joy, oh joy in the last minute the volcano decided to behave itself again and went back to sleep for the time being. And just as we had recovered from this shock there was the news of the pending BA strike. Needless to say that we were booked on BA flights! Then the strike was called off and the next day it was back on again and more and more flights got cancelled as we watched. We had some sleepless nights leading up to today.

To cut a long story short: we got here and everything went dramatically smoothly, only one minor worry remains: We still don’t know, whether our flights back home are being operated, but hey, better stuck in England than in Germany.

We got our rental car, no accidents, found Southampton alright and located both the theatre and the stage door in time. We met up with Helge and Petra and had great fun waiting for Michael. The stage door is great in so far that you can watch him walk down a fairly long alleyway …. Always nice to watch. There weren’t too many of us there. We had a quick fun chat and he looked really handsome (can be seen on the uploaded pictures, enjoy!).

The Show

We had Balcony Seats, because we could not bear the thought of standing through another 2 hours. Balcony means Upper Circle, that’s the fifth floor or 84 steps above stalls level as we were warned by a sign at the foot of the stairs. Well, at least you can see the choreography from up there. It was good to be back.

The audience was a bit quiet where we were, but the cast seemed ever so much more confident and we really enjoyed the evening. Michael and Les were on superb form (the Har-de-har-hut wasn’t. It did not fully cooperate, but if you did not know the show, you would not have noticed. At least there was lots of cheering and a standing ovation at the very end. We never sat in a balcony as quiet as this one.

The stage door afterwards was good fun. He again stopped for a few words and we thoroughly enjoyed these few moments of bliss.

Tomorrow we will be in the front stalls, hooray! We cannot wait to be back!


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