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Cardiff - Fabulous
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On our day off we had planned to drive around the south coast and we had a really good go at it. But then torrential rain set in and we fled the south. At some points it was so bad that we could not see the road properly. Rarely have we experienced anything like it. Apart from that we had a lovely day and made it in Cardiff in one piece.

Today the sun is out and waiting at the stage door (a gate) in the sun is much more fun than in the pouring rain. As is usual now they got the barriers out. We only wished this would have occurred to them in Brighton. So when the bus with the Ball finally arrived we all waved him caged in as we were. He came to the (open) gate, positioned himself in the middle and told us how he was not feeling too well, because they had a party last night. Lots of aaaahhhs from everyone.

When we almost feared he would just wave and go back in someone called him over for a photo or autograph and Michael being Michael, he obliged. He stood a while, talked to fans, signed things and then came over to our side of the barriers. With fans from America and Australia around us he commented, that he was now with his foreign contingent. Too true. It was lovely having him up close and relaxed. He said his voice was fine and he was determined to make some noise tonight, but that he’d probably should have taken a longer break between Hairspray and the Tour as he was exhausted. He looked mighty fine.


As you can tell by now, we were having difficulty getting the internet working at our hotel. Just fingers crossed we will be able to get it to work in Plymouth.

As is usual in Wales the audience is very giving seeing Michael is an “adopted Welshman”. Sadly however the fans were mainly seated in the block on the left hand side of the stage. This means virtually next to the stage or in the very back of the huge arena, but not in front of the stage. But he was in a fantastic mood and determined to have a good time.

During the first few songs excitement in the audience mounted and when we got to “Don’t stop me now” people were a bit previous and began singing along even before the actual line “Don’t”. Michael raised his eyebrows and stopped singing hands on his hips. His five companions on stage could not see that of course and sang merrily on. He turned round to them and said something to the extent “Either we do it together or not at all”. And then they sang it properly.

Just as in Brighton he sang Mack the Knife, but left The Winner Takes It All out.

He told us all how he loved being back in Cardiff and how he had insisted to kick off the Hairspray tour there. Massive cheers from the audience as you can imagine. He said he cannot wait to spend so much time in this beautiful city (So can’t we!)

The atmosphere was fantastic on and off stage. You can tell the tour is coming to an end. Elation on stage, nostalgia off stage. The last two concerts are always a bit weird. It was another great night and we could not believe how quickly it was all over and we were back outside to wave him in his bus goodbye.

Now, after several heavy downpours we are in Plymouth hoping for better weather for the final stage door,.


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