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Brighton - Mack is back in town
10/06/09 @ 05:25:16 pm, Categories: Shows, General, 454 words   English (US)

Just back in the hotel to get changed after the concert. What an amazing night. Michael was in absolute top form and Mack the Knife was back on the song list. Still no Winner Takes it All though. The stage door afterwards was hell. We have in our time been at many, many stage doors. Only very rarely have we experienced such frenzy. It was a tiny bit scary even. Pushing, shoving. It was as if someone had dropped a chicken wing into a piranha pool (Michael = chicken wing). And naturally the minute he stepped out of the building heavens open, but the cold shower did nothing to calm down the ladies around us. Ah well. We survived.

The show itself was wonderful. For the first time, we sat at the left hand side of the stage. A new perspective and we can honestly say, it does not matter where you sit, the show is lovely from all angles. Only sitting in front of the speakers was a bit iffy. Our ears are still ringing with every money note. But hey, we were so happy to have all the money notes back, well almost all.

A slight drawback of arenas like tonight is that even though the audience is very positive the vibe tends to get lost a bit. he did get his standing ovations and cheers and big applause, but nevertheless it felt more quiet. But that is only due to the massive space.

Party time was lovely. The one security man did not try to stop anyone as apparently he had learned the error of his ways when he walked past the stage during One Step Out Of Time. he was apparently trying to police a few people who had remained standing for the song. The stage in this venue is very high so the poor man had no idea that while he was walking past the blocks of people Michael caught sight of him and walked along on stage, grinning mischievously. The security guard proved to have perfect timing. It could not have worked better, if they had rehearsed it. Just when Michael had got to the line “Now that you’ve gone, will you tell me, where I’ve been going wrong". The man turned into an aisle and walked away from him. Michael had a good time, laughing during the song, and so had we. For the remainder of the concert he sat on his chair and did not interfere with the proceedings.

Mercy keeps getting even better every time we see it. one of our favourites from the start it just rocks!

Off to Cardiff tomorrow, hopefully via some scenic routes, well we will see, and you will read :D

Brighton Stage Door
10/06/09 @ 12:36:38 pm, Categories: General, 158 words   English (US)

Just a little quickie as we are in the hotel and have a couple of minutes before we have to get ready for the show.

We already told you Michael did a great job last night in Ipswich. He really was giving it all and did not spare his voice. We were a bit nervous, if he overdid. Apparently we did not need to worry. He arrived at that stage door, being absolutely relaxed and telling us we might get “Mack the knife” and “The winner takes it all” back. Fingers crossed for that.

If you are interested, we uploaded a video clip of the stage door onto the site. It’s Windows Media Player file and I hope it will work for everyone. Sorry, that the pics are not that great, but the Brighton stage door is a really dark place and it’s not easy to get anything decent.

So now off to getting ready for the concert :>>


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