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Newcastle - A night to remember
10/02/09 @ 06:57:35 pm, Categories: General, 882 words   English (US)

After a fabulous concert in Edinburgh we enjoyed a „day off“ or so it felt. We decided to drive down to Newcastle, slowly. Meaning we would not go down via the motorways, but rather take the smaller A and B streets. And it was so much worth it! We discovered some really lovely, pretty little towns and beaches, impressive castles and time generally just flew by until we reached Newcastle. We are happy to report that we did not experience any further scares en route.

In Newcastle we were greeted by fairly wet and grey weather. Nevertheless we had a wander around and took a few pictures, did some minor shopping until we finally made our way to the stage door. There were already a few fans waiting even though it was still early-ish for stagedooring.

We knew our friends would only get there around half past three so we hoped he would not arrive too early. They arrived just after the coach had left to pick him up. He arrived earlier than usual and his first sentence to us was, well it was more of a noise than a sentence. He demonstrated how his voice broke and said he was not a 100 percent. We all must have looked rather shocked for he quickly added “I’ll be fine!”. It was short, but sweet. And he looked gorgeous in that cap. We finally got to say hello to Andrew. Kimberly, we have your stuff. We then went to have dinner with the gang. Fabulous way to kick off a concert evening.

The Concert:

Unfortunately, we thought, we did not have the best tickets. For the first time and last time this tour we were up in the side balcony. The only thing that got us going was the change of perspective, which is a good thing once in a while…. Apparently. But the view was alright. Only the left side of the stage was completely invisible for us.

We knew we were in for a good one. The audience in the north is usually very enthusiastic. So once Michael got on stage there were massive cheers and applause, but hardly anyone got up! It was very strange sight to behold from above.

The first real signs of Michael not being in top form were audible in Human and they had actually changed the key of The Rose to make it easier for him to sing. Having said that, he did not spare himself the money notes. Oh no Sir! They were there! They had just taken the edge off some of the songs. And there we were sitting, silently willing him on, because we know he will be so unsatisfied with himself eventhough most of the audience probably did not notice a thing. This show is full of money notes and show stoppers. As he said himself: It’s a killer. And there came a point, where we actually thought it would have been better for him not to go on stage. We stress again, that this was not because he did not sound great, he did! It was just this anxiety whether or not the voice will hold on. Apart from that though he seemed chuffed with the reactions he was getting and the audience was loving every second of it.

Best fun was watching the ushers. In the beginning of the concert they were leaning on the wall with their backs to the stage. By the time we got to Human they had moved further down the aisle, so they could actually watch the show.

From where we were sitting we could see that when Michael leaves the stage for the Jesus Christ medley, the two people who are responsible for opening the back curtains for him apparently had missed their queue for he actually started doing it himself, before they got into action.

This change of perspective thing really worked out. For the first time we could properly see how during the Starlight Express medley Michael is actually mouthing each and every line of the others.

Generally he seemed much fitter in the second half. Whatever they gave him in the interval, it must have worked. He seemed relaxed and joked around with the audience. For his sake we hoped he’d cut The Prayer with its massive money notes. But he did not. Instead Mack the Knife and Winner takes it all had been taken from the song list.

During the first half of the show we were certain Manchester was not going to happen. Or rather in a fit of uncharacteristic selflessness we actually thought he’d rather rest his voice than do another show the next day. But that all changed during the second half. He seemed so much more confident and sounded fantastic, so we are back at being greedy and selfish and hope the concert tomorrow will go ahead as planned.

We had a fantastic night. It’s concerts like these that you will remember for a very long time. True showmanship and professionalism and boy that man can sing! He got a complete standing ovation at the end. Well deserved. Fantastic audience. We look forward to coming back to Newcastle for the next tour. Roll on Manchester (back in the stalls then, YAY!).


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