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Additions to the Matinee on Saturday
07/27/09 @ 02:18:13 pm, Categories: General, 377 words   English (US)

We are back home, sadly. We had quite a miserable time on Sunday noon, standing across the street from the theatre and looking at all the posters, which should be gone by now. And whilst we certainly wish the three new cast members all the best Michael Ball, Leanne Jones and Ben James-Ellis will be hugely missed. At the same time I am positive we are going to see it again before Adrian Hansel and Verity Rushworth will have left the show.

However, back to the matinee. We knew, we would have forgotten about some stuff and we are glad Joan and Pam added to our list. Firstly I have changed our original posting for Edna ironed a Michael Ball pillowcase and not the tea towel. The other stuff follows now:

- “Mama I’m a big girl now": when Edna slaps Tracy on the bottom, Tracy shots back on Edna’s bottom
- I Can Hear the Bells – Link gropes Tracy’s boob for much longer than the quick squeeze and also buries his face deeply into her boob rather than just superficially.
- Same Scene: Tracy dances in front of the girls with Record Box balanced on her boobs
- The Maddison: Link carries one of the ‘nicest kids on stage
- Same Scene: Tracy pinches Seaweed’s butt
- Same Scene: Tracy blows kiss to Sketch
- “Welcome to the 60s": Forgot to say that Link wore a hat during this scene.
- Same Scene: Tracy pinches Brads butt and he blows her a kiss
- Dirty Boogie: when Edna comes on she is wearing an Obama ‘badge on collar of suit.
- “Big Dollhouse": Tracy has pink and white socks on again
- “Timeless to me": When Wilbur can hardly control himself laughing, Edna said exactly: “It’s so very nearly almost over!”
- “You can’t stop the beat": The fairy lights, that Edna wore lit up, when it got dark on stage.

Unbelievable that we still missed so much stuff. It certainly was the most funfilled show I have ever seen.

Should we think of anything more, we will add again to the blog. Last night, we thought about one or two things we forgot, but of course cannot remember at the moment. gurrr.


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