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After the Ball is over
07/25/09 @ 09:37:01 pm, Categories: General, 977 words   English (US)

We are sitting in our hotel room and it is half past 2… again. But we did not want to go to sleep without giving you some information on last nights events.

A few words of explanation for the stage door photos. When we started queuing for the stage door not 20 minutes had past before a hand full of builders arrived and they started to tear bits of the street apart. This involved considerable amount of noise, dust and smell. We could not believe it. Today of all days. Luckily the works did not take long. Also you will find photos of our police escort and we had a real police line up at the entrance of Grape Street. So we have caught a few impressions for you.

But now back to the matinee. We promised to tell you in detail about the little pranks in the show. So this is what we saw and can remember, but be aware, some of it might sound ridiculous, if you have not seen the show:

• Tracy wore pink socks with white hearts on them.
• Roll call at “Nicest kids in town”: Link ripped open his shirt and showed us his sixpack. Quite a nice view.
• Turnblad family living room: We have Michael Ball merchandise plate on the shelf, as well as a Michael Ball mug and Edna was ironing a Michael Ball pillowcase.
• “I can hear the bells”: Tracy’s final note is interrupted by a quick kiss from Link, which she clearly did not expect.
• Same scene: Edna had a little soft toy dog in her handbag. A bit like Paris Hilton come Balti-moron
• “Mama I’m a big girl now”: Tracy writes “I love Link” on her mirror with lipstick, no less.
• Same song: sprays her mum with almost the entire contents of the hairspray can and gets slapped on the bottom for it.
• “It takes two”: at the end of the song Tracy always pulled her skirt up, panting at gorgeous Link. Well this time, she actually pulled it all the way up to the waist line and revealed her black thong. She also nearly fainted when they kissed and poor Link had to drag her off stage.
• “Welcome to the 60s”: The Jelly Donuts were served on a Michael Ball merchandise plate and one of the Dynamites kissed it.
• Same song: Link entered the stage instead of one of the dancers. He had only a very vague idea of what he was doing.
• Same song: Tracy signed her autographs with a hot dog.
• Same song at the beginning: Edna wears something black under her housedress. We could not clearly see what, unfortunately.
• Dirty Boogie: well this is not easy to explain, but we will have a try: Usually Tracy and Link dance together, but this time Link found Tracy basking on one of the props (the platter display). So instead of dancing with her, he boogied with the display and had to lift her from it, in the end, both chuckling.
• Same Scene: When Lil Inez and Tracy meet they shake hands. This time Tracy simply would not let go of Inez’ hand and kept shaking.
• Doll House: Edna gropes Velma more than usual, which leads to Velma groping back
• Same Scene: Tracy steals Penny’s harmonica
• Same Scene: Edna does a far bigger money note at the end of the song – to die for.
• Timeless to me: When Wilbur closes up and the rubber chicken falls down Edna exclaims: “It’s a puppet!”. As we know by now, this was Brian Conley’s (Michael’s successor) catchphrase in his TV show.
• Same Scene: Photo of Michael on the shelf (the mouse-mat, we believe it was)
• Same Scene: When Wilbur shows the miniature version of the big hairspray can, there is a little teddy-bear inside, sporting a Michael Ball T-Shirt.
• Same Scene: Wilbur: “Shabbat Shalom” – Edna: “What?” – Wilbur: “It’s jewish for kiss me again!” – Edna “Are you sure?” Then Wilbur nods and Edna gets out some mouth spray for her and for Wilbur. Followed by a long, long kiss. Edna breaks off, panting, breathing “beautiful”
• Same Scene: When Wilbur is giggling behind her Edna comments her usual “Be Strong” and adds “It’s so nearly almost over!”
• Before “I know where I’ve been”: When Tracy remarks to Link “You could go to prison for what you did tonight!” and he hastily explains “Only for a space in the back of a cab, I swear.” Seaweed simply refused to congratulate his mate and just stands in the back with his sister, leaving Link all alone in the front of the stage, looking lost and a little bit heartbroken.
• “Hairspray”: Andrew pushes the Hairspray can on stage wearing a Michael Ball apron
• “You can’t stop the beat”: Edna wore several bits of decoration in her hair. A golden star, red fairy lights and lots more.
• Same Scene at the very end: Extremely long and intense snog between Link and Tracy, where she almost faints.

So this was all we remember at the moment and we are rather sure there was more stuff going on. Let’s just say it was hilarious and much more than we anticipated.

Afterwards the crowd on Grape Street was enormous. As promised Michael appeared at one of the windows wearing his “The Dogfather” t-shirt. He had said he would not sign anything, but could not refuse one fan and consequently ended up doing an impromptu windowsill signing session. At one point he remarked, that he wondered what happened, if he fell out of the window right now, as he was fairly high up. This did not seem to bother the crowd standing underneath, as they kept handing programms to one of the security guys to hand over to Michael.

Time for Bedfordshire. Enjoy the photos. And we will speak tomorrow.

07/25/09 @ 12:47:56 pm, Categories: General, 263 words   English (US)

We have just returned to our hotel room to get changed. What an experience!

The stage door road (feels more like a lane) was blocked off by a police line for today. Thank god for that! What a crowd, plus a camera team, filming material for Michael’s new DVD And three security guards AND two police cars! All this for a man coming to work on his last day in the job!

The matinée was SUCH good fun! We will report properly tonight (to cheer ourselves up)…but let’s say this: we now know how Ben’s chest looks like without a shirt blocking the view (rather delicious, it has to be said), we also know the entire range of MB merchandise and how Michael sounds when he is panting with… how shall we put it? delight perhaps…

It was hysterical! We took notes, so will get back to you with all the (gory) details.

Between shows Michael leaned out of one of the theatre windows. he said he’d not sign anything as there were far too many people there, but just like when he arrived, one pleading fan succeeded in begging him into signing her programme and then mayhem broke lose and the poor man was trapped signing dozens of programmes for people. A security guard had to hold them up for him, so he could lean on the window sill and sign away. What a spectacle. Loads of photos to follow…

But now we have to go as Michael put it so neatly: “tonight is for real".

Talk to you later!

The day is here...
07/25/09 @ 03:26:50 am, Categories: General, 1015 words   English (US)

Sorry about the delay in reporting about yesterday’s events. We were too excited to just go to the hotel (okay, the truth is: we couldn’t bear the thought that Friday was over already), so we made the somewhat mad decision to go and see a late night screening of Harry Potter 6 before we had to face the inevitable: go to bed and wake up to find out it’s Saturday. (If you haven’t already seen it, go and watch the movie, it’s fab!)

Friday, 24 July 2009:

The first surprise came at 10:30 am when we walked past the Facebook group who are q-ing since Thursday and they told us only a hand full of people had turned up for the day seats this morning. There would still be some available surely. Well…you know, yes, we had booked seats (and excellent ones,too) but we couldn’t miss the chance to have another front row, could we? So yeah, as many of you will guess we dashed into the theatre and got our day seats. One last front row before it was all over. Yipee! Also it would be a different perspective, as we were placed on the non-Michael side of the stage (ideal for Leanne, Ben and Adrian though).

Our little walk through London afterwards was interrupted by a heavy shower on Trafalgar Square, but the view from the National Gallery onto the pouring rain was somewhat impressive, so it didn’t matter (apart from the fretting about having yet another wet stage door, of course).

We got there early enough to secure a space next to the door. Luckily Leanne was there really early to do some last minute sorting out of dressing rooms and party dresses. She is such a sweet girl. we chatted for a bit and after months of carrying two Hairspray posters with us we finally got round to asking her to sign them (talk about cutting it fine!).

She told us about being in Panto in December and playing a Tracy fairy in Jack and the Beanstalk in December. She will be singing Hairspray songs. She was sad that Verity would be off that day, but she’d be back for the last day.

After a while more Michael fans turned up, but surprisingly enough there weren’t too many of us. It was a fairly manageable crowd. As is usual for a Friday Michael turned up early and looked incredible in a dark blue jacket and light shirt (see photos for proof). He positioned himself in front of the door, so we all could get a good view of him. Some last minute signing and photo taking, talking about the madness of Saturday and how he plans to come to one of the windows instead of fighting his way through was was going to be a massive crowd. We agreed that this was a good plan and found out that the little balcony we had hoped he’d stand on did not actually belong to the theatre (sad, we hoped for an Evita pose).

When he looked around, asking if people wanted anything from him and saw all the familiar faces he just said “You don’t want anything signed from me, you see me all the time!” But some of us actually did. He also asked us, whether we liked his new jacket. Indeed we did. And we had already guessed it was brand new, because the plastic thingy that holds the price tag was still in place on the sleeve. When we pointed that out to him he did not go inside to cut it off, oh no. He actually bid it off there and then. Lucky plastic thingy….

The show:

We already knew Verity was off, but were sad to find out Sandra was as well. But what can you do? As long as it meant she was going to be back on Saturday we did not mind too much. Apart from a few timing issues everything went really smoothly and we enjoyed the experience of seeing a “different” show on the other side of the auditorium. Some views we will never forget (the word thigh comes to mind…..). The audience was not as lively as we’d hoped, but still very enthusiastic at the end.

Stage door:

…. afterwards was madness, again. Especially when some tall blond guy (not Michael) left the theatre and pandemonium broke loose. We stood there, completely baffled, when everyone around us erupted in hysteria. When girl even turned around and screamed “i stepped on (what’s his name) foot” Thankfully Gill and Maureen came to our rescue and explained the mystery celebrity was Louis Walsh, a judge of the TV show X-Factor and former manager of …. we think Westlife… or was it Boyzone? Gosh, sorry, we are use there.

Shortly afterwards Cathy left the theatre (looking stunning as ever) and then there he was. Gorgeous Mr. Ball on a run. The bigger the crowds and the more pushy they get, the quicker he is off. So you can imagine he was gone like a shot. Mind you, due to a mini traffic jam his car did not get very far. A van in front of him could not drive on due to the Ben fans blocking the street. it got to the point, when Michael actually opened the door of his car again and laughingly shouted “will you let us through please? I need to get home!”

We lingered at the stage door for a little bit longer to soak up as much of the atmosphere as possible. we were very surprised to find Ben was still there talking to fans and it turned out he was also doing some last minute clearing of his dressing room. We had a quick chat and he was very sweet thanking us for being around all the time and so on. we actually helped him and held open the door, when he was carrying out arm fulls of stuff (but no mirror ;), thankfully. And that was it. Our last stage door before the final day. The countdown had started.

Saturday here we come.


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