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So here we are again. Let’s see, where did we stop? Stage door, right? The matinee was about to begin and we learned why this was the first of a series of emotional performances: It was Charlotte Riby’s last time as Tracy. Seeing that Chloe Hart, who will take over from Leanne, is contracted for 8 shows a week, Charlotte will only have to come on stage in the unlikely event of Chloe being off sick. You may know that at the moment Charlotte had a regular spot as Tracy at the Thursday matinée.

You could tell form the first few notes into Good Morning Baltimore that she was determined to make the most of her possible last stint as Tracy. She really gave it her all. It was such a joy to watch (if you managed to forget the reason for all this exuberance)… She was making the most of the part and was infectious to everyone on stage.

“It takes two” was a killer. You know, when Link and Tracy end the song together and Tracy lifts her skirt a bit. Well this time it was not only a bit, but it got up, all the way. Ben could hardly finish the song.

Still: All was well until we got to I Know Where I’ve Been when Charlotte was in tears. Well up moment…

By the time we were almost through with You Can’t Stop the Beat there were many wet eyes on stage and in the audience and poor Charlotte struggled to get the words “come on everybody,let’s dance!” out properly for tears. And seeing Michael on the brink of tears did not exactly help either.

We are happy to report though that she got the enthusiastic send off she really deserved. The place was erupting with applause and everyone was on their feet. It was just fabulous. What this will mean for Saturday… gosh, we really do not want to think about that just yet.

Afterwards we got to the stage door on the other side of the street, just to catch a glimpse of Michael. Unfortunately for quite a number of fans of Michael and the show there were some autograph hunters, who just would not go away, but managed to get signature after signature. Even crossing the little barrier that was put up. Thankfully Andrew told him off for that… still, it was quite annoying, as it was really crowded there anyway.

Evening show:

Of course we were back for the evening show and we were quite sad, as this was supposed to be our final front row seats :( and after the show half of our final Hairspray week would be over.

Within all of the 34 shows we have seen so far hardly anything went wrong. however, when we got to “It takes two” Link got on stage and instead of the immaculate hairdo, one streak of his hair was pointing skywards. We could not help, but laugh and neither could Leanne. She even tried to smooth it down, during the song, but as he was unaware of the problem, he simply backed away all the time. LOL, poor boy, did not have the slightest idea why everyone kept laughing.

Nothing much more happened, well of course the show was brilliant as ever, but that’s not really a surprise. The stage door afterwards was complete madness, as you can imagine. As Michael has to clear his dressing room until Saturday evening, you can imagine Andrew has already started taking stuff out every night. The highlight was a huge mirror he had to get out yesterday. So big, it would not fit the Mercedes boot and had to travel in the backseat eventually. We felt for Andrew who had to brave the crowds several times and they would not move one inch.

Four down, three to go :'(


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