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It's getting emotional
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Thursday, 23 July 2009:

Our day began at six in the morning for we had to get ready to join the queue for the day tickets. When we arrived a few minutes later there were already seven people in front of us and we knew we were in for a busy day… and a very long wait, make that… a couple of long waits. But you know what? We will miss it. Even the four hours in the cold wind. Admittedly, it did not help that we found out about an hour later that our flight for the tour (actually to the tour) was canceled. But somehow the tour seems so far away right now. It’s all a bit surreal and we will get there somehow, sometime.

When we finally got our tickets we saw the beginning of the queue for the Saturday shows (Yes, it was only Thursday - morning even). Boy, how glad are we to have tickets for the Saturday. If queuing for four hours seems long, imagine two whole days….

The stage door itself was madness, but not because of the fans (we all behaved and were less people than anticipated, but the cars are a completely different story. We had never experienced the street that busy and we have been there many times. Most of the time we spent snuggling up to each other to avoid being run over by everything from motorcycles to huge coaches.

when the clock showed 1:45pm we knew he’d do a runner (they all have to be in at 2pm at the latest for matinee days). When he still was not there at 1.55pm we knew he’d be fast as lightning and how right we were. He came dashing down the street.. a minute to two. He did not get very far, mind you. As soon as he was spotted at the end of the street fans ran to him begging for autographs and photos. so he tried to oblige them all while at the same time dashing to the door and begging everyone, if at all possible, could they please come back at another time. But you know what it’s like. He still had to sign quite a few programms and posed for a number of photos. Poor thing.

He was wearing a nice white shirt and looked very dishy altogether (see photos for proof).

So that was it. Our final pre-thursday matinee stage door. A quickie. Seeing we are very very tired after a long long day, we will tell you all about the two shows tomorrow morning. Please bear with us and enjoy the photos in the meantime.

Good night.


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