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07/22/09 @ 06:31:36 pm, Categories: General, 596 words   English (US)

Whenever there is no daily calendar you know that we are either in London or have a problem with Justy. This time luckily it was due to us being in London… once again. We did not have internet access yesterday, but have now moved into a hotel with wifi… Hoooray. So let’s fill you in on the last two days.

Tuesday, 21/07/2009

We won’t bother you with all the boring travel details. Everything went relatively smooth. As we had tickets pre-booked for the night we did not have to worry about dayticketing. So we arrived at the stage door rather early and at this point denial was no longer an option: It was definately raining.

After a considerable wait, when several more fans had arrived you could barely see anything, apart from multicoloured umbrellas. But what can you do? As always the waiting paid off. When Michael arrived he looked drop dead gorgeous (see photos for proof) and informed us, that he would be going out tonight. As it was still raining and there was quite a crowd the car dropped him off close to the stage door. He did not last long, but still stopped to chat a bit to say how sad he was. The final week. He posed for pictures and one of his first sentences was “It’s raining.” Yeah, right. we noticed as much.

Watching him walk into the theater gave us the feeling of being back home again, Grape Street has become the Bunnies natural habitat.

The Show:

For us it was a blow to hear that Ben would be off this evening. Michael Steedon was his understudy and he did rather well considering it was only his third show as Link. Everybody else was in top form albeit you could tell that something was different. They all had said to us that it felt really surreal backstage. Only one week to go.

One thing that was slightly wrong happened during “I can hear the bells". When Tracy sings “my mother starts to cry” there was no mother in sight. After two more lines we got a bit worried, but then thankfully she appeared, crying dutifully.

It is amazing how well choreographed this show is. We still keep discovering new bits and pieces happening in the background. And we have seen the show for…. 32 times… we think (and no, this is not nearly enough!)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

No rain! When we arrived at the stage door, we discovered that they had the builders in and consequently one side of the already narrow sidewalk was closed. So we could only stand on one side of the stage door. It got quite cosy after a while with more and more people arriving. After quite a long wait Michael walked down the street, looking rather dishy with sunglasses and a black jacket (see again photos for proof).

You have to excuse the lack of information concerning the things he said upon arrival, but for us it is all a blur. He’s just too handsome at the moment. sorry.

The Show:

Ben was back, but then Verity (Penny) was unfortunately off. That was quite a blow, for we love Verity. Everything went fine and we had such a wonderful time. Oh, how we will miss Hairspray. After the show there was a rather large crowd waiting for everyone. And after a while they started singing songs from the show and they were really good. So when Michael came out, he actually joined them for a bit. Two down, five to go and we will keep you posted.


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